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Load Capacity - With the massive weight of modern Sprinter builds, it was time to build a wheel that was both lightweight but also drastically increased the load-carrying capacity of the wheel. In basic terms, there needed to be something stronger that could take the abuse of a 10,000lbs van pounding the dirt offroad and on. Here are some specs:

    • Owl Talon - 4200lbs (Talon wheel weight 32lbs)
    • BR Barstow - 2700lbs 
    • (Wheel weight 32lbs)
    • BR Arsenal - 2600lbs (Wheel weight 32lbs)
    • Method 701 - 3600lbs
    • (Wheel weight 28lbs)

Offset - The offset of a wheel in basic terms is how much it sticks out the side of the van. All Sprinter wheels are a positive offset and the lower the number the farther the wheel will stick out the side of the van. By having a wheel with a lower offset you widen the track of your van. This means you also lower the center of gravity. This is a massive advantage when offroading in a tall vehicle like a Sprinter Van. 

Sprinter Wheel Offsets:

  • Owl Talon - 30mm (wider track, lower center of gravity for the van)
  • BR Barstow - 38mm
  • BR Arsenal - 38mm
  • Method 701 - 50mm
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