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Stage 2 Topo 2.0 System - Ford Transit AWD (2020+ SINGLE OR DUAL REAR WHEEL)

Stage 2 Topo 2.0 System - Ford Transit AWD (2020+ SINGLE OR DUAL REAR WHEEL)

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The Stage 2 Topo 2.0 package improve the ride quality and stance of your 2020-Present Ford Transit AWD, and lets you tune the ride quality yourself with Falcon 3.3 SP2 Adjustable rear shocks . Our system achieves a true 2.0" of lift for improved ground clearance while maintaining factory alignment specifications. This tuned suspension system will dramatically improve your ride quality and our Topo kit was developed specifically to work around the packaging and front CV shaft constraints presented by the 2020 AWD Transit platform. This kit is compatible with AWD Transit models from 2020-present, and fits all single and dual rear wheel vans. The Stage 2 kit is designed specifically for stock passenger vans, lighter camper builds, and dual rear wheel work vans that need additional clearance.

The center piece of the Stage 2 kit are the Falcon 3.3 SP2 Adjustable rear shocks, which are tuned to our specifications. These upgraded dampers feature a 2.35" piston that will smooth out the harshness experienced on washboard roads and sharp, abrupt impacts. An intuitive, easy to adjust knob allows the user to easily fine tune their ride based on load, terrain, and driver preference. The bounce experienced over large bumps is reduced as well as the side to side sway or jostling over uneven surfaces. Our Rear Shock Relocation Brackets allow for increased ground clearance and move the vulnerable shaft of your shock out of harm's way.

The Topo Front Lift kit combines a precision engineered 0.75" lift camber correction plate, with a tuned coil spring. By engineering the spring length and rate to our specifications, our tuned spring nets approximately 1.25" of lift with a corresponding increase in compression travel. Rear lift at Stage 2 is accomplished by a 2" billet aluminum block. The B6 strut is not included with AWD specific kits, it can bind the CV and cause premature boot failure.

We recommend running a maximum tire size of 265/75/16 with this suspension package. This tire size will require some slight trimming of the inner pinch seam, and depending on tire tread profile, some rubbing of the subframe is possible at full steering lock.

NOTE: Light/Mid - Under 8,500lbs & Mid/Heavy - Over 8,500lbs

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